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"Apes 3D" NFTs are explicitly not intended for use as financial instruments in any sense. Do not purchase "Apes 3D" NFTs for speculative or investment purposes as this is NOT an investment opportunity. We do not promise dividends, voting rights, or equity for purchasing or owning Apes 3D NFTs.

Furthermore, NFT airdrops are a new and experimental way of distributing and implementing the use of Utility NFTs. "Apes 3D" will allow the user to be eligible for NFT airdrops from "Apes 3D" if they are announced, but does not guarantee an airdrop.
NFT airdrops are experimental and may not be available in the future. NFT airdrops are not a donation system and should not be assumed as such.
NFT airdrops are not guaranteed and will be announced as they are to be revealed to the community.
NFT airdrops are not a reward system and should not be assumed as such.
NFT airdrops are not a security and They are not a dividend and should not be used for financial investments or treated as such.
NFT Airdrops should also not be used as a main source of passive income. You should not buy this expecting to receive any financial gain or our NFT airdrops.

Although the Apes 3D creative team has released a roadmap outlining future goals and plans for community development, we cannot guarantee that all items outlined during the pre-release planning phase will be met if ideas and projects evolve evolve organically. You agree that your purchase of an Apes 3D NFT from our collection of 1000 NFTs on Opensea is everything you are guaranteed to receive with your first purchase, whether through primary or secondary channels. Any future benefits are additional to this purchase and do not need to be factored into your original purchase. You agree that by using this website and participating in our NFT launch you are not relying on any future commitments from the Apes 3D team.

Underverse NFTs such as Apes 3D
 were created purely as collectibles, not as investment vehicles or substitutes for cryptocurrency. We make absolutely no promise or guarantee that these NFTs will subsequently retain monetary value in fiat, cash or cryptocurrency.

Each Holder is solely and entirely responsible for any and all Federal or State tax liabilities which may arise, be imposed, or enforced as a result of minting or reselling Apes 3D NFTs.

We reserve the right to change this disclaimer, as well as our terms of use and the data protection declaration, if necessary, and to update them if necessary in order to adapt them to newly published regulations by law.

The works of art, photographs, texts, graphics, sounds, animations and videos shown on this website are subject to copyright protection. The correspondingly protected contents of this website may therefore not be reproduced or distributed for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of the author.

All information is provided solely for the information of visitors to the website. We do not assume any liability for the correctness, completeness and topicality.

Despite careful control of the content, we also assume no liability for the content of external links. The operators of the linked pages are solely responsible for their content.

Furthermore, the Apes 3D. have been linked from another site by means of a hyperlink without our knowledge. Apes 3D assumes no responsibility for the presentation, content or connection to Apes 3D on third party websites.

Copyrights © of all works and photos belong to the respective artist, photographer or Apes 3D unless otherwise noted.

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